After successfully installing Faktum Invoicing Software you will be asked to register your company when opening the program for the first time. The registration is required to receive a trial license. The license is connected to company name and postcode. Please indicate the right company name, since you will not be able to change it afterwards.

Follow the instruction of the registration assistant.

Now you have entered the program. Please customize your personal settings first.

Every time Faktum Invoicing is opened, a connection to our server will be created to verify the license and possibly point out version updates. We receive your company name and postcode only.

Furthermore we assert that your information will be treated as strictly confidential and not be passed on to third parties.



Please enter a valid e-mail address since you will have to confirm it with a password.


Please enter a valid e-mail address. Your address will be used as correspondence address with Faktum Software International.


Your address should be valid since it will be saved in the program and automatically be used as your billing address.


In case you have to register again, for example because the program has been deleted or you plan to use Faktum Invoicing on another computer, type in your e-mail address and you will receive a new password. After identifying yourself with your password, you can directly enter the program.


Here you can choose if you want to use an already existing company or register a new one. Just remember that you can only use one license per company.


You have installed Faktum Invoicing Software.

Before you can start writing your first invoice, we would like to show you how to customize a few settings.

Your Company info