Faktum Invoicing version history

The billing program Faktum Invoicing is constantly being improved. There are regular updates of the software released to keep the software up-to-date with the latest technological, functional and market developments.

Below is the version history of the software including improvements, bug fixes and changes. So you know exactly what the differences are in new software updates.

Release 5.8.16

New features:

Cloud backup:

  • Cloud backup prompt on startup
  • Cloud backup & cloud backup encryption
  • Cloud backup password email (on prompt of the cloud backup) can be dismissed
  • Multi user gbak & cloud backup upon request (please note, multi user databases do not back up to cloud automatically after upgrading, these users would have to contact support for a new backup schedule, otherwise these users will be under the impression that the cloud backup is working but this would be not true.


  • Payment report to act as a payment receipt, i.e you can now print or print preview a payment, whether it’s a deposit or already has allocated some money to any other document.

Market Research

  • Market research prompt in journal

Bug fixes

  • Small ui alignment bug fixes


Change logs of older versions

Release 5.7.10

Bug Fixes

  • Disable ‘Duplicate’ in Context Menu when other toolbar buttons are disabled
  • Fixed layout bug in ‘Create Reminder’ control.
  • Empty Guids will be updated when we check for Licenses
  • Fixed occasional non-fatal error occuring on closing the program.
  • Fixed Quotes totals not showing.
  • Fixed bug with layout settings not getting saved.
  • The sub total on gross invoices was showing a € sign irrespective of the currency used.
  • The messageboxes we show to the user when upgrading the DB now show on top and not hidden behind the Splash Screen.
  • Subtotal, VAT and Total order + Fixed background box in VAT specifications (for Rounded Corners layout)
  • Added functionality to cancel a document with bad VAT settings rather than crashing the application.
  • New lines in Product Descriptions are not ignored
  • Sales Item Calculation control was not taking into consideration discounts
  • Added functionality to translate Function texts in footer depending on the Document’s language (not the software language).
  • The checkbox state of the Closing Text is being set by the state/value of Internal Comments
  • Added icons for creating and deleting Phone Numbers and Email addresses
  • Upon creating customer, the email name was set to ‘e-mail’ if not specified. Now it is set to the customer name.
  • Fixed ‘Domain not ready’ bug in Error Reports
  • Made sure that the value for Credit Notes is always considered as negative in Journal, irrespective of how the user enters it.
  • Added possibility of deleting a row in any DataGrid by pressing the ‘Delete’ button.
  • Re-included the rounding of values during calculation so as to make the invoice, not the internal/calculation numbers, correct. Will re-introduce the 1c discount discrepancy.
  • Email’s Name can now be as long as the Customer’s name length
  • When an upgrade fails, the original db should not be affected. Fixed for Firebird databases, not SQL Server
  • Restore of backup to network doesn’t work – Fixed.
  • When Ensuring a SingleApplication is running an error was being thrown sometimes. – Fixed.
  • Total should always show as the bottom line in reports when using VAT Gross mode.


  • Rounding to 5c, always show totals to 2d.p. in reports.
  • Added settings control to customize Currency Format
  • Added Help and Feedback buttons to the main windows/Shell
  • Allow multiple spaces in text.
  • Fixed problem with Product codes containing only spaces and email with trailing spaces
  • Take user online for payment if online method is active.
  • Added Notes and including search in the Contact Person field when searching for a customer.
  • ‘Progress’ Layout now allows 14 chars long Customer VAT numbers
  • We show the last opened Company Profile when starting Faktum.
  • We ask the user to confirm before deleting an email or phone.
  • ‘License is about to expire’ message is shown 45 days before, not 2 weeks
  • Add note to payments
  • Register Payments and Create Reminders directly from Invoice
  • Added validation checks for email addresses.
  • Refresh product list after import
  • Enabled suggestions for misspelled words
  • Removed option to create ‘A Conto’ invoices.
  • Updated Address format for UK
  • Now showing the Delivery Date field for Orders and Quotes in reports.

Release 5.7.7

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Discount when Vat Mode = No Vat
  • Fixed Calculation tab issue – now it takes Discount
    into consideration.
  • Fixed bugs related to VAT changes


  • Excel Export shows a friendlier error message

Release 5.7.6

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with the ‘Handle Unit’ option disappearing
  • Fixed the Due Date format in Reminders


  • Updated Address format to proper UK format.
  • The Value Added Tax Name is now not always ‘VAT’, but changes depending on the Company Profile’s country (ex: GSD for Australia).

Release 5.7.4


  • Allowed updates of products during import

Release 5.7.3

Bug Fixes

  • When determining VatGroup during products-import, name is not enough; added also country to uniquely get the proper VAT group.
  • Fixed error when importing Customers and some cells are empty
  • Backup files were created with an incorrect filename extension. (‘ffbtrunk’ changed to ‘ffbken’)
  • When sending email with Outlook through MAPI, they were sent but would not be delivered.
  • Broken documents when using Rounding of values fixed.
  • If the user.config (User Settings) file gets corrupted, the application restarts and repairs it. User is given option to manually repair the file as well.
  • Sometimes a 1c discount is shown when there are no discounts. Error occurred sometimes with small values due to rounding early on when calculating totals.
  • Error when importing articles in a Firebird Database
  • Handling of an error when user opens and closes app immediately


  • Made change that reduces font size when Title is too long when printing Sales Orders
  • The ‘Select Database – Help’ link is disabled if no translated page exists for it
  • Auto-fill email when creating a new Company with user’s login email.
  • Added link in the ‘Select Database’ control to an FAQ page on how to choose the database. Also, options to Select or Create new DB are collapsed; user has to make a decision.
  • Handling of multiple PriceLists when importing Products from Excel
  • Upon Printing/Exporting a document, it is marked as ‘Finished’ if it was a ‘Draft’.
  • Improved loading and sorting speed of Journal
  • When backup fails, the exception thrown shows more info. Hopefully it will be easier to find what went wrong.
  • Removed the message that says customers can call us for customized templates
  • We always get a name and email when we receive an error report – Also, included more Info when we receive error report for “Invalid Database type” or “Check ‘Read’ and ‘Write’ permissions”
  • Added ‘Import from Excel’ for customers and products

Release 5.7.1

Bug Fixes

  • When printing CreditNote or Reminder and intro/footer text includes [DeliveryAddress], it was ignored. Fixed also some confusion with Billing and Delivery Address, not always the correct one was shown.
  • Fixed bug with Delivery Address not shown in Intro/Footer text
  • Fixed issue with ‘Balanced By’ Coloumn not growing when printing Journal > Payment Status with multiple docs in ‘Bal. By’ Col.
  • Switching between certain Document Layouts was changing the settings.
  • Updating of PaymentTerms when choosing a customer
  • Fixed overlapping VAT & UnitPrice coloumns when using ‘Automatic VAT’.
  • Fixed Currency Symbol issue (email: 11-12-28 Subj: Faktum Faktura CH Version Betatester)
  • &edsp; showing instead of a space
  • Switching between certain Document Layouts was changing the settings.
  • Fixed problem when entering an invalid number and switching to a different group box. Now the original value replaces the wrong value.


  • Added new VAT rate (23%) for Ireland
  • The ‘Document Info’ section (where one enters Addresses and where the Document number is show) was updated to allow it to grow further. Some items were being squeezed. Some other minor areas were also adjusted to fit better.
  • Added new error message when trying to send an email and Customer is not chosen or email is not set. If Customer has no name, email is used.
  • Changed sorting of Documents column in Journal tabs to sort by Doc Type and Name
  • Problem with spaces ( ) in Intro/Footer text fixed
  • Restored AddressLabel style to font 9pt from 11pt (change was intended for Danish version only)
  • Exit button looked ugly when using Large fonts (125% DPI – General display settings)
  • Removed Date Column from all Documents except Invoices
  • Increased font size of AddressLabel from 9pt to 11pt in Default layout.
  • Updated Support Telephone Number
  • DocumentLayout in Settings: Fixed the rendering of certain controls when the size of the text is not set to 72dpi/100% in Windows but more