FailedToUpdateDatabaseException: Unable to open database

Full Exception message

Fs.Ff.Core.Exceptions.FailedToUpdateDatabaseException: Unable to open database <database path>. Please check that the file isn’t being used by another application and that you have both ‘Read’ and ‘Write’ permissions for the database.


The database was created but it cannot be read or written to.


Cause 1

This can be caused when the permissions to read/write to the database have changed – like when a new user tries to open the file but they have no permission to the file or folder where the database is.

Cause 2

Alternatively, this can occur if 2 users are using the same database over a network and the versions installed for the users do not match. (Maybe someone download the latest version or did an upgrade before the other).


Resolution 1

Grant read and write permission for the folder containg the database file to the new user.

Resolution 2

Upgrade both installations to the same version. You can see the version from the top-right corner of the Splash screen when the application is starting.