File Attachments

With Faktum Invoicing, you can attach a PDF file to an invoice. The attachment can be printed, exported and sent via email to your client as part of the invoice. Useful for including timesheets, user manuals of products you have billed, etc…

We support only PDF files smaller than 20Mb as attachments but it is possible to add other types of file. Contact support if you want to learn how to attach other file types to your invoices.

Once you have added an attachment to an invoice, a copy of the file is stored so that you can continue working with your file. Any further changes you make to the original file will not affect the attachment in your invoice. If you want to update the invoice attachment, delete it from the list and add the updated file again.

Online backups

We also offer the possibility of backing up your attachments online. Once enabled, this operation is seamless to the user and you do not have to worry about uploading the file. Faktum Invoicing does everything for you. If you delete the original file, lose the attachment folder, move to another computer or re-install the software, the attachments will always be available if you back them up online.

Keeping attachments offline

If you do not want to store your attachments online, you will have to make sure to backup the attachments folder yourself. If you install Faktum Invoicing on a new computer, you will have to copy the attachments folder along with your database.

The attachments folder is found normally in ‘My Documents > Faktum’ together with your database file. However it is possible to change the location from ‘Settings > Miscellaneous > Attachments’. When you change the location from here, the existing attachments are moved to the new location automatically.

Drag & Drop

You can drag any PDF file onto the attachments control to quickly add it to your list of attachments.

Open stored attachments

You can double click on an attachment from the list to open it and check its contents. Note that this will open the saved attachment, not the original file.

New text function

A new function (fx) “[Attachments Count]” has been added which shows the number of attached files.